Nox Interna, ENEMY I, Xiphea – canceled


We are sorry to inform you that this show got canceled. Both bands Nox Interna and ENEMY I cannot play this show so we decided to call it off.
But Xiphea will perform on 29th October a show in Nuremberg so it´s only a two week delay for Xiphea Fans 🙂
Hope to you see you at the Release Show.

Nox Interna

Gothic Rock, Gothic Metal, Alternative aus Berlin

Nox Interna was created by Richy Nox in Madrid at the end of 2007 together with Bea, Pablo and Aitor, members of his previous band Amset. Their music is a mix of old school gothic rock and industrial metal, with influences of The Sisters of Mercy, Rob Zombie, Héroes del Silencio… In 2009 they record and release their first album “XIII (Trece)”. After a long tour through different Spanish cities, Nox Interna was involved in two different tours as support band: one in Spain with Cinema Bizarre (…)   Mehr zu Nox Interna auf Backstage PRO ›


Industrial / Dark – Metal aus Berlin

Die Berliner Band ΣNΣMY I verbindet in einem breiten Spektrum vielschichtiger Songs eine progressive Mischung verschiedener Metal-Genres mit Elementen aus dem Industrial Bereich. Das Resultat ist eine exergetisch-brisante Mischung melancholisch anklingender Songs, deren Stilrichtung sich am treffendsten als “Depressive-Industrial-Metal“ beschreiben ließe. Songwriter und Sänger Rob variiert dabei in seinem Gesangsrepertoire von sanft-ruhig über leidvoll-düster bis hin zu aggresiv death- (…)   Mehr zu ENEMY I auf Backstage PRO ›


Symphonic Fairytale Metal aus Nürnberg

Xiphea is a German metal band, which was founded in fall 2011. Since then the four members Neil, Sabine, Bence and Renè create epic, powerful, imaginative music in the well-known “beauty and beast”- style, mixed with a little bit of punk. Their first full length album “From the uncharted island” turned out to be an unexpected success, because of a big international purchase. Xiphea was overwhelmed by that surprise, very happy and proud. Another great happening was to win the “Battle of (…)   Mehr zu Xiphea auf Backstage PRO ›

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