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The Story about Xiphea the female fronted fairytale metal band.
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Xiphea - german symphonic fairytale metal

Once upon a time there were three men and a beautiful woman who decided to create a new genre of metal music. Follow Xiphea into a wonderland of magic, mystic chants and exciting stories. Fairy tales who everybody knows combined with a wall of sound. This new genre is not characterized by a polished turned out pop-metal sound with no rough edges. It sparkles through its beautiful melodies, the magical voice of the female singer and the innovative narrative style of well-known and popular fairy tales. The edginess comes from the really fast, punky guitar riffs, rhythmical finesse, and last but not least a large portion of “heaviness”. Get the music in your head, see the powerful, magical live shows by Xiphea and join the trip into great new experiences. And this is the fairytale…

The Music

Music was our first love and it will be our last… Plug in the electric guitar, stomp on distortion, take a deep breath and some fantastic fairytale metal anthems arrive. Bombastic orchestral sound with a beautiful female voice and rough growls take you to places you have never been before. Metal mixed with various styles of music and all put together to a huge collection of sound. Xiphea has an extraordinary knack for skillful songwriting. The musical arcs of suspense support the storylines so cleverly that on listening you almost feel you are living the fairy tale.


Xiphea was founded in fall 2011 in Nuremberg Germany by Sabine and Neil. Since then Sabine, Neil, Bence and René worked hard to create imaginative music. Xiphea startet 2013 with their first publication of the five songs EP “Masquerade” (Discographie: EP Masquerade 2013). With the dark and romantic ballad “Falling Shade” which delighted the hearts of the gothic scene the band won the “Battle of the Bands” contest produced by Sonic Seducer magazine in 2014. Xiphea was overwhelmed by that surprise, very happy and proud. In the same year Xiphea release their first full length album “From the uncharted island” (Discographie: CD From the uncharted island 2014). The album turned out to be an unexpected success, because of a big international purchase. Xiphea even reached fans in Japan, USA and South America with the debut album. Furthermore 2016 they released the second album “Once upon a time” (Discographie: CD Once upon a time). This time the band tells well known fairy tales in the metal way. In the first week Xiphea shipped hundreds of copies around the globe. “Once Upon a Time” is a likeable, rousing and fantastic work. A recommended buy for all  fans of metal and fairy tales. 

2017 Xiphea starts with some fresh inputs by two fantastic musicians who joined the Xiphea family. Since Rene (former bass player) left the band, Xiphea was searching for a replacement. After a quite long time Xiphea finally found the perfect man on the deep five strings. Frank is the new man on the bass guitar and brings a lot of joy to the band. But that is just the first part of the new line up for 2017. Michael joined the band as lead guitar player. At first Micheal applied as replacement for Rene but after the first two sessions Xiphea thought it would be a shame not to let his young and talented man play on his first instrument. So now there will be a second guitar which makes the sound of Xiphea even better. More details can be found in Xiphea´s Timeline

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