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» Thank you Blackfield
posted by Xiphea on 16.06.2015

Such a nice afternoon at Gelesenkrichen and a pleasure to open the Blackfield Festvial 2015.
Xiphea would like to thank the Sonic Seducer, everyone who organized or who was involved to set up such a great festival.
Also a big Thank you to all visitors, fans, crews and supporters.

» Blackfield Festival coming up
posted by Xiphea on 09.06.2015

Dont´ forget...
As the winner of the Battle of the Bands Contest 2014 powered by the Metal magazin "Sonic Seducer" Xiphea will open the Blackfield Festival at Gelsenkirchen at 16:40 on Friday.
Still there are tickets available. So get your tickets now :-)
We´re looking forward to this event and welcome you all to one of the rare live appearances of Xiphea.

» Interview Sonic Seducer
posted by Xiphea on 02.04.2015

Xiphea gave an interview which you can read in the current edition of sonic seducer magazine. 
Sabine is talking about the band, music and a few personal things.
With the magazine, you also get two cds. One of them presents Xiphea's Battle of the Bands Winner Song "Falling Shade". 
We are really happy about that.

» Music video Kissed by the moon
posted by Xiphea on 16.03.2015

Here is the music video "Kissed by the moon" taken from the new Xiphea album "From the uncharted island".
Enjoy :-)


» Battle of the Bands 2014
posted by Xiphea on 23.02.2015

Unbelievable... Xiphea has won the Battle of the Bands Contest 2014. HURRAY !! :-)
We thank everybody for the great support and votes. We also want to thank the Jury of the Sonic Seducer.
We are so flattered and happy for the great opportunity to play a show at the Blackfield Festival in June.

Thank you so much to everyone. We really appreciate your support.


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