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NEW ALBUM "Witchcraft"

New Xiphea album Witchcraft coming soon

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The new album “Witchcraft” by Xiphea will be available on 1st November 2021. The ten years anniversary album includes some new styles, new shades of Xiphea and of course new metal music. 12 brand new songs full of magical symphonic metal.

Get your copy now and become part of the Xiphea family. 

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Xiphea Symphonic Fairytale Metal


Once upon a time our fairytale journey began. We look back on 10 years of band history. 10 years full of adventure, concerts, publications, ups and downs. We are grateful that you were by our side and supported us in many lovely ways. Over the years we met a lot of great and wonderful people, made friends and got inspired by bands and musicians we shared the stages with.

We had to learn a lot of things, made some mistakes and tried to develop step by step. It was hard work but we really enjoyed it. Still we are full of passion and enthusiasm. We just love Xiphea and 10 years… It is making us proud. So if the Gods like us, then of course we will celebrate our anniversary with you. That is what we wish with all our hearts. But either way, there will be a lot to hear and see from us in 2021. Be curious and let yourself be surprised.

Lots of love

Sabine – Neil – Daniel – Frank – Michael

Epic Metal Night V

Xiphea will perform a show at Epic Metal Night Volume V. Our wonderful friends from “Conspiria” invited us and we are happy to join the event. This time we will perform a special setlist with some old goodies for the true Xiphea fans. We hope you all come to have …

Xiphea back in CZ

We are very happy to be guests of FEMME FATALE vol. 9 – Alia Tempora | Xiphea | Andy Rocks | Rosa Nocturna again. It has always been so much fun and we are looking forward to meet our friends and fans again. See you in Brno

Back on stage

It´s been a while but finally Xiphea is coming back on stage. On July 16th we will play a show at Musicbase Festival in Herzogenaurach. Details about the event can be found here. Hopefully the weather will be good and we cannot wait to see you all again. Join us …

Happy new year

Wish you all a very happy new year. Hopefully we can see you again in 2022. The last two years weren´t easy for the live music industrie cause of the corona pandemic. Let´s help together, get vaccinated so that we all can see us at live shows again. We have …

Xiphea Podcast Märchenzeit

Episode 10 Silvester

Episode 10 Silvester

Zum Jahresabschluss trifft sich Xiphea im Proberaum zum gemeinsamen anstoßen, miteinander lachen und über Highlights des Jahres zu philosophieren. Dani, Frank, Michi, Sabine und Neil schmieden Pläne für das kommende Jahr 2022 und tauschen sich über Wünsche und Vorhaben für die Zukunft aus. Seit dabei, wenn märchenhaft gefeiert wird. Vielen Dank an alle die den Podcast Märchenzeit verfolgt und fleißig gehört haben, “Silvester” ist nun erstmal die letzte Episode der Xiphea Märchenzeit.