Video Premiere of "Witchcraft"


Xiphea Symphonic Fairytale Metal


Once upon a time our fairytale journey began. We look back on 10 years of band history. 10 years full of adventure, concerts, publications, ups and downs. We are grateful that you were by our side and supported us in many lovely ways. Over the years we met a lot of great and wonderful people, made friends and got inspired by bands and musicians we shared the stages with.

We had to learn a lot of things, made some mistakes and tried to develop step by step. It was hard work but we really enjoyed it. Still we are full of passion and enthusiasm. We just love Xiphea and 10 years… It is making us proud. So if the Gods like us, then of course we will celebrate our anniversary with you. That is what we wish with all our hearts. But either way, there will be a lot to hear and see from us in 2021. Be curious and let yourself be surprised.

Lots of love

Sabine – Neil – Daniel – Frank – Michael

Hey-Ho dear dwarfs, this is a wonderful moment for us… Our fourth magical journey is finished. Xiphea´s new baby “Witchcraft” is ready to go out into the world. We worked hard to create a piece of music that will bring you the typical Xiphea sound but also a lot of …

Yeah, it´s done! We started our German podcast series “Märchenzeit”. This is kind of new for us so we are really excited. The first episode “Pandemie” is now available here on our website and on the streaming platforms Spotify and Amazon Music. This is only the beginning, friends. We have a …


Still we live in a strange time and we all struggle with COVID-19🦠😷 pandemic. Let’s look at some Xiphea history and remember the good old times where live music and hanging around with friends was possible… Here some impressions from Xiphea’ s past… Don’t get us wrong 😉. This maybe …

We started our new social media series #retrospect to share some memories with you. In such hard times like in the covid-19 pandemic we sometimes need a light💡or something nice. So here we have some impressions from the beginning of Xiphea. Follow us on social media platforms to find even …

Xiphea Podcast Märchenzeit

Episode 6 Q&A

Episode 6 Q&A

In der Episode 6 der Märchenzeit beantworten Sabine und Neil eure Fragen. Xiphea hat vor einigen Wochen auf den sozialen Kanälen gefragt: “Was wollt ihr von uns wissen?”. Darauf hin haben sich zahlreiche Benutzer*innen mit tollen Fragen gemeldet. In der neuen Podcast-Folge haben wir uns ein paar Fragen herausgepickt und beantworten diese. Seid gespannt auf interessante Fragen zum Bandalltag und zur Xiphea Märchenwelt. Viel Spaß.

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