Femme Fatale Vol4 with Xiphea

Thanks to our friends Alia Temporau00a0for inviting us again. Melodka Club Brno is great place to be for a nice metal show. The Czech audience is so nice and great, we really had a lot of fun. This was the fourth time Alia Tempora made the Femme Fatale Festival possible. And it was great. Wonderful bands, friendly people and a nice vib going on during the shows of the bands. Xiphea this time played on the last slot but the audience was still going on pretty well. But Xiphea has to deal with a little less luck this year so again we couldnu00b4t play with the whole line-up. Drummer Thomas got sick and couldnu00b4t make it. Good luck that our Lead guitar player Michi also has a little drum experience. So the drummed the set and it was a blast. Great show, nice work and hopefully when we come back to Brno we will be on stage complete. Weu00b4ll see…

Thanks to all fans, friends, bands and everyone who made this night so great. Here some pics from the evening…

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