First show in 2020 coming up

Hey ho friends and dwarfs,

the first show in 2020 is coming up. It´s time to come back to the stage 🤘 Together with the great band Dreams in Fragments from Switzerland we will rock the night. It will be the first show of Dreams in Fragments in Germany and we are looking forward to support them. And of course we are looking forward to see you guys again. On 21st Feb. we will see us in Fürth at Kopf und Kragen. It´s a small club Xiphea has already played years ago. In fact this is the place where Xiphea played their first show ever. So we are very happy to be back and hope you will join us having a heavy night with great music and as always… the fairytales 😉

Check out the event here: Dreams in Fragments & Xiphea or here Dreams in Fragments & Xiphea

Dreams in Fragments & Xiphea
Dreams in Fragments & Xiphea

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