Kelter Rocks 2018 was amazing

What a amazing night… Again we had so much fun with you guys. Thanks to everyone who joined our show in Tamm. Special Thx to Deathtiny for inviting us. You guys really rock. Four bands with great music hit stage last Saturday at the Kelter Rocks Festival. Opening act from Karlsruhe was “Aurora”. Very nice start for the Rock-Show. After Aurora we entered the stage even played a few songs of the upcoming album “Everland”. It was great to perform the new set and we had so much fun on stage. After our 45 minutes show Deathtiny rocked the stage very hard. Check them out, really great band. And last but not least Coronatus did a splendid show. They pushed the crowed to the limit and it looked like they had also fun on stage. 

Thanks to everyone who came to the Festival and a special “Thank you” to one of the security guys who had a chessburger left for Neil 🙂

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