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New Xiphea album Witchcraft coming soon


1, 2, 3 when you hear this melody
there is witchcraft in the air
4, 5, 6 let us do some magic tricks,
make a wish let it go somewhere

Oh it is witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft, 
oh it is witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft

Welcome my dear – there is nothing left to fear
Something brought you here
Try to reveal something greater yet unseen You must believe
You want to play with fire, tease the liar heal a broken heart
I know you can’t hide from that magic deep inside forever and ever

Oh it is witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft 
Here we are it’s time 
We have never been so close another try
For the truth may sparkle 

1, 2, 3 when you hear this melody…

Find what you need in the book of Alchemy – read the runes and signs
Be aware! Don`t forget: every shadow veals regret – a wisdom of all time
You want to try that potion – freeze a motion – Do this chant and wait
I know you can’t hide from that magic deep inside forever and ever

Oh it is witchcraft…

Let us free the magic from oblivion
I’m longing for a more exciting tale
Hold your breath reach for the last ingredients
Await the wonder – Hold it and exhale

1, 2, 3 when you hear this melody…

The Fairy Ring

Man does believe he could always see us free spirits hiding in the woods
How foolish! No – for another century we do only dance at night. How good!
Damn right! In the moonlight side by side

It’s time- we sing – Join the fairy ring

We know some tricks to get help, to protect and distract from ourselves
Tell someone else that you caught a little elve
All that you can proof: an empty bottle on your shelf

Join us dearly – From this moment on
Come, don`t fear me – Be the chosen one

It’s time- we sing – The sun shines even brighter
Join the fairy ring – You too can be a fighter
It’s time- Step in! To change your life forever
Divine fairy ring – Now we will fight together

This world is breathing, feel it! Leave your doubts behind
If you ever want to find one way to heal it – Be a part of us
Pixie dust, oh – Let it free your mind

It’s time- Step in! – Divine fairy ring 

You are so far away from all that they say you are
Hey, you are more – you know better than before how to sing and sway,
How to love what they ignore

Once more: Get it all – you´re stronger than your sorrow
Be brave! You won’t fall – there will be a tomorrow
It’s time to begin your perfect transformation
In this fairy ring – Now you will find salvation

Seasons fade but everything returns in a different shape and form
Now change your own – You`re the chosen one 

Get in! Step into the fairy ring

Ghost Ship

Big and black and long forgotten –  from the depths and near the sky – Aye
Sailor, sailor when you see the phantom – hurry up – she can fly – Aye
Dark, the sails, against the wind and she is faster and stronger than the waves
she will never sink – No – she will never sink

Legends dark and rough arise – they take your breath away 
This one comes from ancient times – Now hear what it says

Creepy – like the bloody mast – Turn around
Hear me – it’s a threat to us

A ghost ship that is black appears to us from time to time
The crew not dead but not alive –  a shiver down our spine

Fear them – they don´t work for us – Be afraid
Hear them –  but you should never trust

Once there was a mariner and he was cursed by the spirits of the sea
He must never come to land – every hundred years
his ship is coming
be aware when it appears

They say the crew can leave the ship – on small boats they`re getting close
It’s dreadful how they move while they are rowing, those tormented souls
A sight, so terrifying it will take your breath away

Legend has it that there can be redemption in one way
A woman’s love could break the spell – for him she has to wait

Heal me – before I turn to dust – Turn to dust
Free me – for my soul is lost

Once there was…

Big and black and long forgotten –  from the depths and near the sky – Aye
Sailor, sailor when you see the phantom – don`t forget that she can fly – Aye

The Price

Sweet- You have come to me 
Oh I am glad to have some company
But why? I think I know
A forbidden love – I recognize a heart in sorrow

Overwhelming torture let me heal you
More than welcome I can help and feel you

But you have to pay the price
I will need your voice to free you 
My best offer don`t think twice
I will need your voice

You will not have to speak – You can just smile 
and make his knees get weaker
Then – oh you should dance
Your every move will be a dream, so graceful
But oh it will hurt – every step will feel 
as if you are walking on sharp daggers
But when he falls in love with you, my dear 
you will forget the pain forever 

The day when the ocean hits the sky 
you must marry your prince or die
Sure, your voice will stay with me 
Thanks to new legs you can leave the sea 
Now you know the price I take  
Will you pay it before your heart breaks?
I am sure you will be fine 
Because your future shines brighter than mine

You really do agree – Oh I am glad
Well then my dear you must sing for me
Sing! And it will be done – and it will be fine 
And it will come true by the power of mine

True love´s kiss

No compromise! Hell or paradise – Good and bad they say
We can’t escape all the different shades – But should we obey?

There is a storm raging inside us

The evil world appears more powerful but it’s lonely there
So dangerous – all the simple rules and simple minds don`t care

Believe there is hope in sight
We’ve learned from fairytales to stay in the light
Because no matter how dark and strong the evil forces are
In the end they can not win against the kiss of true love

No remedy! Tears are bittersweet – but don`t give up on love
It´s whispering – You must let it in – open up your heart 

There is a storm raging inside us

Her jealousy has led to misery – she spoke the sleeping curse
Do not despair, there is hope somewhere – it can be reversed

I`d go into the dark and never hesitate – I`d go to seven dwarfs to kiss you
I`d cross one hundred seas and never take a break – I`d go through endless pain 
I miss you and I swear I’ll save you – I`d fall a million times and then get up again 
to find you in a bed of roses warm and peaceful! 
I`d fight against the storm and I would not forsake
I`d rather die than dare to lose you – You are all that matters

So I try to wake you up- wake up – through the kiss of true love

The day you fell asleep I cried so desperately 
But I am full of hope forever – I will never leave you
As you are lying there – you seem so far away
But you are beautiful as always – Oh I need to save you
Please open up your eyes, the mirrors of your soul
I wanna seek the truth inside them and it means to find home 
The true love’s kiss will heal – true love is what I feel 
And here I am I’m getting closer – close enough to kiss you


We are the ones who have overcome an unexpected death
We have changed our nature, our form
When we were murdered one little part of us escaped      
A piece of soul that will be reborn

We walk among your dreams

We are the ones who are feared in the old Indian fairytales
And we are called the Chedipe

Fear is for those who are alive
We`ve come to share many secrets from the afterlife

We fly through the night and we fly on big tigers
A wild creature plays with no sense of yesterday 
Now close your windows before we drink your blood 
through your toes – Cause that’s how it goes

If you`re the one that we choose to be our victim of the night 
you will fall into a deep, enchanted sleep
You will not notice how we slowly suck virility 
out of your body as we steal your memory

We control your sleep

We are the ones who are feared in the old Indian fairytales
And we are called the Chedipe…

The next day you will wake up with a headache and a cold heart
Shamefaced and violated, having bad wounds 
At least you made it
Suspicion grows in your wife’s mind 
Was he unfaithful? Mistrust, a life-time, life-time
We are the ones who love that, who overcome death

And don`t forget that: we fly through the night…

Die Rose blüht

Leise hör ich`s knistern, es bricht das Eis im Wind
Ein unbeirrtes Flüstern, es will zu dir, mein Kind
Ich kann es fühlen und ich spüre wie du dich verzehrst
Eine Blüte fällt – dein Herz wird schwer

Etwas ist vergangen, verschreckt, umhüllt, gefangen

Weißt du, noch ist Zeit, die Rose blüht
Nimm den Fluch von dir
Denn wenn die eine, die du liebst, erwidert, was du fühlst
Wirst du kein Biest mehr sein

Heimlich stille Trauer, in deinen Tränen schmilzt das Licht
Sag`, halten deine Mauern? Lass los, erschreck` dich nicht
Wenn du willst, dann schrei` es in die Nacht bis der Sturm sich legt
Eine Blüte fällt, weil sich was regt

Verwünscht, verhext, verschworen, denn etwas ging verloren

Weißt du, noch ist Zeit…

Noch bist du zu stolz, es einzusehen
Doch mit der Zeit gibt sich die Wahrheit zu erkennen
Du würdest dich am liebsten ewig mit ihr drehen
Doch du hast Angst davor, du könntest dich verbrennen
Noch ist Zeit, die Rose blüht, so nimm den Fluch von dir

Weißt du, noch ist Zeit, die Rose blüht
Nimm den Fluch von dir
Denn wenn die eine, die du liebst, erwidert, was du fühlst
Wirst du kein Biest mehr sein
Noch ist Zeit, die Rose blüht…

Es wird geschehen – du wirst sehen


Here comes the storm to the world that I set on fire
Burn! Let it burn to the ground
My flames get higher
Here comes the cold to the souls that I´ll never rescue
Run for your life 

Now you believe in me 
while heavy flames are chasing you away 
from the place you have never owned
They come from hell and I know you fear them
No more you should turn – No! I let it burn

Fire curse – fire strike – fireball – fire

Here, my flames they come from hell
I let them grow – Watch out I cast a spell

Here at the gate to the world 
of the long forgotten souls you believe in me
How very clever – Here you begin to pray to a furie
One little chance: obey

And remember me 
while heavy flames are chasing you away…

This kind of witchcraft works on one kind of enemy
And flames get dangerous and higher
So now you are afraid of fire – I know

Now heavy flames…


Baba Yaga

There are many stories people tell about me
Terrifying – mostly true
All my lady parts, disgustingly repulsive
I am ugly – What are you?

I’m a hunter – Hunting people is my passion
My obsession- they taste good
Don`t get close to me, I tend to be dramatic
I could turn you into wood

Keep the lies – You don’t want to hear the truth
You broke all ties – you lose
Because I´m better than you say
I am not the devil’s slave and I fear you ah –ah
I´m Baba Yaga

Fast, old and insane. Don`t whisper my name!
Keep the lies…

Easy to judge in HIS name
Rather you should be ashamed

I know all the herbs, the holy springs
And I healed because it’s not a sin – caring for others

Keep the lies…

Feared and lonely but not the only one
who knew too much about transcendence

Steadfast Tin Soldier

She too stands on one leg – just like me
I`m in love – her pose is perfect – In my dreams she danced for me
How can someone made of paper cause such endless love?
Oh she touched my tinny heart forever from the start

When it rained they sent me sailing – My paper boat it pitched and tossed
On my mind the pretty little dancer – Will she notice I got lost
How comes fate can be so cruel?  I am so far away from her
On my journey I dream of the dancer and her smile 

There is nothing I want more
than getting back – back to her
Farewell, oh warrior brave
Nobody can from death thee save
On my own I`ll defy the storm 
I may be small but not forlorn
I`m a steadfast tin soldier

Someday someone just finds me, picks me up
One hand does carry me to the place I longed to be

There she is and oh so pretty – her charm – I start to cry 
She looks at me, I look at her like forever
Just before I die in the flames

How she smiled when she danced
Before I melt  away I see that she’s flying
And straight into the flames
Here we are one last chance to be in love
My heart survives the fire
I`m a steadfast tin soldier

Hush, flames – my heart remains

The sorcerer´s apprentice

My master has left I am alone at home
It´s time for miracles and magic – I`ve waited for so long
I know the perfect spell – I chant it oh so well
For higher things I strive – I make this broom come to life

Do not think you are up to the forces you call – But I can do it
Simple- minded fool – You think that you know it all – I am not foolish
It won’t end well you will see – But I know better
Later you can’t claim it never was meant to be – Watch out

Walle, walle let the water flow
And now come, you old broom stand up on legs and go
See he is running down the river – it’s working in the end
I rule the forces but now he should stand – Stand!

That’s enough your work is done
How can I stop him? I forgot – Oh please stop the run
He’s getting more and more – One hundred rivers now
I can`t ignore that I`m in trouble – What have I done?

That’s it, told you so. Now you can`t break the spell – No, I can’t break it
Great kid, now you know how easy it is to fail – screwed and forsaken
You don`t remember the word you need – Damn I forgot it
Shame indeed – help me

Walle, walle water must not flow
And now stop, you old broom I’m begging live no more
I see he is running down the river – Will this never end?
I´m desperate now because he wouldn`t stand 

Walle, walle, walle, stop it, stop it, stop it

Walle, walle, walle, stop it, stop it, stop it – Stop!

This is a true disaster – I wish I hadn’t tried
I need my Lord and master
Please hear my cries
And there he comes 

Master, master make the spirits go
I played with forces that I never have controlled
You see he is running down the river – Let this madness end
The master knows the word and he… stands


You can’t escape me – This one is powerful
A little crazy- You’re about to lose control
I want you to be mine – it could be lovely
Oh, your eyes say yes – Or maybe not who cares?

This magic potion will taste so good to you
My pure devotion will make a dream come true
It could be love or could be a sweet revenge
Who knows, my friend? Well in the end you`ll know it

Drink and you will feel oh so much love when you look at me
Like I did before – under this circumstance – I call this curse a sweet romance

Drink! And then fall for me
The first one that you will see

No need to be scared it won’t hurt at all
And I will be there to catch your heavy fall
You want to run away… so cute and stupid
Oh, I know that`s mean but you can lean on me

I know it’s fake and I know it’s not the truth
But I will take it… whatever works for you 
I`m so excited – You`ll be obsessed with me
Now come and be my everlasting lover

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