New Merch in Town

Hello dear friends,

we have some new merch items in our store. Hooray… You all know Xiphea released a new album “Witchcraft” a few weeks ago. And now we even got a book 🙂 “The Ten Years Of Fairytale-Metal” biography is now available. Xiphea is a german band so the biography is written in german aswell. We might translate it someday to english and make a new english edition. Find out more about ten years Xiphea, get some background information about the band and take a look at some beautiful pictures which never been published before.

Get your copy here –>

Also new is the second edition of Xiphea´s magic potion. The energydrink for your headbanging. A special edition in “Witchcraft” style is waiting for you here –> And don´t forget to order the new album “Witchcraft”.

Thank you for all your support so far and we hope we can be arround another ten years or even a bit more. We will see.
Love Xiphea

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