Witchcraft Day

Hello dear friends and dwarfs,

today is Xiphea´s Witchcraft day. After a fantastic night where we presented our new songs live we are now ready to send “Witchcraft” out into the world. The new Xiphea album “Witchcraft” is official released. Hey-ho!!! Twelve new metal fairytales about magic spells, wizards and witches will drag you into an enchanted world of music. You can expect the typical Xiphea sound, sometimes a bit darker, sometimes a bit romantic. Also you will hear some great guest vocalists on Witchcraft. We are happy and proud that now everyone has the chance to listen to the ten years anniversary album and the new fairytales of Xiphea.

You can get your copy here and join the fairytales.
1, 2, 3 when you hear this melody there is witchcraft in the air…

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