Review of Fairymetal Night

It was an amazing night… We had so much fun, even if it was a lot of work and it was very hot :-). For us the first Fairymetal Night was a success and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening as we did.

It all started a bit chaotic, we had a few technical issues to solve but in the end everything turned out fine. Snow White Blood started the show evening with a little delay because of problems at the soundcheck. But problems were solved and 30 minutes later as planed the show started. “Once upon a time”, the first words of a wonderful show. This was the last show of SWB for this year cause of the pregnancy of Uli, the singer of SWB. We wish you the best for you, your baby and the band. Thank you Snow White Blood for being with us.

Next on stage, the great band Hydra from Regensburg. We tried to do a show together for a long time and finally we made it. Hydra rocked hard and so did the audience. It was a pleasure to see Lisa and the guys on stage. We really had fun, even though we didn´t see the complete show because we got ready to enter the stage after them. Big thank you to Hydra, it was amazing.

Now it´s time for Xiphea. Great fan support and we had such a lovely time. We are very sorry that Frank had to pass the gig, cause of a blood poisoning during the week. He is gettting well again an supported us on Friday as much as he could. Thank you Frank and thank you fans.

Last but not least Blackbriar entered the stage and showed a perfect performance. They had a bit trouble on the autobahn, traffic jam and so on but could make it just in time. It was a pleasure to listen to their songs live and meet Zora and the guys in real life. Thanks for your great show and we hope you enjoyed your first gig in Germany.

Thanks to all fans, photographers, bands, club guys and ladies and everyone else who joined the first Fairymetal Night in Nuremberg.

Xiphea Fairymetal Night – Photo by Marcel Kahmer

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