Stars were falling

Dear friends,

do you know “The star talers”? This wonderful fairytale of the brothers Grimm?
It is about a girl, who is poor and lonely but with a pure and loving heart.
She gives away the last of her few possessions to help others.
In the end the stars are falling from the sky… while they change into golden talers.

When I was a child I thought, “oh, what a nice ending.”
Later I was wondering: maybe the girl dies in the end. Maybe the star talers are just a metaphor for paradise or something.
Actually it doesn`t matter. To me the messsage stays beautiful in all kinds of ways.
It is about giving and how giving leads to bliss.

But tell me, is this statement still welcome these days?
It seems to get more and more popular to look just after yourself.
People get angry when they are asked to share anything. Maybe they are afraid of loss.
Well, I still believe that what you give, will be given to you. With all my heart.

I think the message of “The star talers” has quite a relevance.
We have chosen this fairytale to be our ballde on the album.
Because we wanted to tell this story with lots of gentleness, love and honesty.
I hope all, who will listen to the tender melody of the piano, which puts some kind of twinkle into the song, will feel touched a bit…
and maybe inspired by a little girl.

Kisses Sabine

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