Thank you Würzburg

Thank you for a great night in Würzburg.🙂 Thanks to all who made it a special moment for us. Friends who came to support us, people who cared for us and the guys from Metal Initiative Würzburgwho made this event possible. Heavy symphonic regards to the awesome bands Hydra Official, Conspiria and Brocelian it was so nice seeing you again. Stay happy […]

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Update SymphonicNight at b-hof Würzburg

Just a small update for the upcoming show at b-hof Würzburg. “Rising End” had to cancel this gig and won´t be able to join the SymphonicNight. But another great symphonic Metal / Rock band will join us this evening… “Brocelian” from Munich will take place a fill the open spot. We are excited and hope

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