Thank you Legends Lounge Olching

What a great night… Thank you so much for a fantastic last show in 2019. We had so much fun on stage, the crowed went wild and we think we all had a perfect metal night. Thank you for your great support Olching it was a pleasure to be with you. Also a huge “thank you” to our friends from Art of Delusion who did a killer show. It was great sharing the stage with you. For us it was a wonderful last show and hope we can come back to Olching someday. The Legends Lounge is really a great place for good music. Very cool location with great people.

It was not only the last show of Xiphea in 2019, we also had to celebrate a very special person who supports Xiphea since a few years now. We´d like to say a very special to “Tobi” who visited every Xiphea show in Germany this year. Thank you for your fantastic support. As a Thank you gift Dani & Xiphea gave away a cymbal from Dani´s drumkit. Of course the complete band signed it first and Tobi felt quit happy about that. It was a nice moment we definitely will not forget.

Thank you all for some great live shows in 2019. Hope to see ya all in 2020 again.
Stay tuned,

Love Xiphea


Here some impressions:
Pics by Alien on Appletrees –> Check out on FB:

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