Thank you NBG ROAAAR

What a night! The first edition of NBG ROAAAR was a huge success. Thank you very much to “Alveole” for this great opportunity to show Nuremberg what Fairytalemetal is all about 🙂 We had so much fun with you guys and hopefully will meet you very soon again. Thanks to all technicans, helpers, friends and families for hepling out. Sepcial thanks to all fans and vistors who made this event so awesome. Thank you Alveole for the great orga and we hope you had a great album release night.

It was a blast to see four great bands with female vocalistist on stage and all homebased in Nuremberg or Erlangen. Kick off for “Ruvy Red” who started the NBG ROAAAR Event with a big ROAAAR and great Pop-Punk music. Second on stage “Kafkaesque” with brutal energie and great headbanging parts. They did a really good job and the crowed went wild. Now “Alveole” entered the stage and showed the audience how magical lights can be. Super show again with a lot of energy and great new songs from the new album. Last but not lease we entered the stage and kidnapped the crowed and brought them to our wonderland. Even if the left fog machine didn´t want to join us we had a lot of fun. 🙂

Between the sets “derEnte” made the event even better. With his great self build instruments and his fun he showed the audience what entertainment is. Fantastic great guy.

A really really big Thank you to our friend and drummer Tim from Hydra who helped us out on this show. Daniel wasn´t able to do the show so Tim filled in and did a fantastic job even though we did not have a lot of time to practice the set. We really appreciate your help and you a are a great and fantastic guy. It was a pleasure to share the stage with you. Thank you so much,

Awesome shows, awesome night, we hope to see you all very soon again.


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