Working on new album

Yes, we didnu00b4t have to say very much the last few weeks 🙂 because we are fully concentrating on the new album which will be release this fall. At the moment the pre-production is going on pretty well and nearly all songs are finished. Well for the first step. We will give you more information soon about the upcoming new release and details to the record as well for the Release Party.u00a0

As far we can tell that the Fairymetal Night we did last year for the first time will go into the second round and again some great bands will come together and rock your asses off. More details soon.u00a0

Alright now, we have a small show coming up this week on Thursday in Du00fcsseldorf for the FEMME Battles. Hope to see some of you guys there. Be early 🙂 the complete evening starts at 16:30 German time. First band will enter the stage at 17:25. And we donu00b4t know yet whou00b4s the first band. 🙂 Hope to see you there.

Stay tuned,u00a0
love Xiphea

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