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Dear friends and dwarfs,

we just found out, that german post office cancelled shippings to a few countries out of Europe. It would be possible to ship packages with a huge amount of extra costs. We think this is far to much and the costs would be doubled to what you order. So at the moment it´s not possible to order from USA, Canada, Russia, Japan and other countries from overseas. We are very sorry for that. This is another effect of the Corona pandemic and we hope to send out our stuff worldwide again in the future. We will let you know when the situation changes and shippings can be done again. For now we cancelled all orders from affected countries and hope you are not mad with us 🙂 We are very sorry.
We also cancelled the possibility to order from these countries in our store. As said we will let you know when it´s possible again.

Thank you very much for understanding.
Cheers Xiphea

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