Briar Rose music video released…

Hello friends,

we made it… 🙂 Finally we released our brand new music video Briar Rose. We hope you enjoy it. We want to thank everyone who helped us out during the shooting and the whole process. Special thanks to Bozena our lovely princess, everyone at Schloss Wiesenthau for letting us shooting some scenes. We really enjoyed the stay… Also thanks to the Verein zur Erhaltung mittelalterlicher Keller Erlangen. The Gewu00f6lbekeller Erlangen is really great and a good location for all kind of events. Thanks Yvonne for your helping hands, Dominik for shooting some nice stuff and all others who were involved.u00a0

Hopefully you enjoy our work on the video and if you do like, comment and share it. Letu00b4s make Fairytale Metal great 🙂

Thanks a lotu00a0 -u00a0 love Xiphea

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