Xiphea Symphonic Fairytale Metal Band


Still working on Once upon a time

As you know when you stay tuned to our social network channels, the release for the upcoming Xiphea album is planned… But still there´s a lot to do. At the moment we´re in the mixing process. After editing the drums with Thomas it´s time make the drums a bit more quiet so that Bines´ beautiful voice …

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Our video “Kissed by the moon” has 10 000 clicks now. We are so happy and thankful. Really, friends…. it means a lot to us. As you know, we work very hard on “Once upon a time” these days… thoughts, sweat and tears, but also fun and many great moments. And all the time our …

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Crash Boom Bang

Hey everyone, yesterday we practiced playing some of the new songs. It was fun but a little like: Oh, oh…. 🙂 Really we still have to work a lot. The release shall become a great event for us and for you, our friends. That`s the vision… that`s the plan. And we are sticking to it.

Heigh ho, heigh ho…

How great is this fairytale feaver… yesterday I watched Walt Disney`s Snow White for the first time in my life. Grown up my ass… the witch frightened the hell out of me 🙂 But the movie ist so sweet. Gave me the fairytale motivation for today. Spread the magic everyone. Greetings Sabine

Xdiary Startup

Today we start a new small category about our musiclife… a small blog to enjoy… if you wan´t to know more about the fairytale metal band xiphea, follow us on social media…