Fairymetal Night coming up

Only a few days until the big party at the Cult Club starts…
We are so excited so meet the other great bands and hopefully we all have a special night to remember.
In case you didn´t get the information, the Fairymetal Night in Nuremberg was bumped up to 4 bands. Not 3, not 2, no 4 great and fantastic bands.

Here is the Line-Up:

Snow White Blood




So don´t miss the fantastic night and if you don´t have a ticket already, here is your last chance…

Get your Ticket here

If you don´t want to purchase your ticket before, of course you can get one at the box office at the venue. So the event begins around 19:00 and you are all welcome.

We (Xiphea) are wishing all bands the best for that event and we will all have a great time with the bands, fans and everybody who´s partying with us.


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