Fairymetal Night coming up

Only a few days until the big party at the Cult Club starts… We are so excited so meet the other great bands and hopefully we all have a special night to remember. In case you didn´t get the information, the Fairymetal Night in Nuremberg was bumped up to 4 bands. Not 3, not 2, […]

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Fairymetal Night introducing Blackbriar

Another great band will be performing a show on the Fairymetal Night Nuremberg. Coming a long way from the Netherlands… Blackbriar Blackbriar is a five-piece alternative metal band with a special twist in the form of a mysterious singer, capable of opening the gates of both heaven and hell with her voice! A powerful drummer,

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CD Release of “Once upon a time”

Today we proudly announce the date for Xipheas` release party of the upcoming album “Once upon a time”. Grap your phone and type in your calendar: Female Metal Night on 29th of October 2016 Three great bands will be on stage that evening and of course you will get the chance to save your self

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Oh no Xiphea has the flu…

Everyone knows how ugly it can be to be sick. A sore throat, a running nose, feeling not well… All these things aren´t nice. Escpecially when you stand in the vocal booth to record some backing vocals, the flu sucks even more. So Xiphea must pause for a few days until the throats are getting better.

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Recording nearly finished

Recording an album sometimes can be a pain in the a… You play, sing, edit again and again. And after that you record all again 🙂 We are now almost finished with recording the ten tracks of the upcoming album “once upon a time”. Still some vocal-lines and shout-parts are missing but there´s plenty of

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