Once upon a time…

The last few weeks were so overwhelming and we almost didn´t have any time to rest. But that´s good isn´t it.
So Xiphea finally released the new album “Once upon a time” on 27 October 2016. In the first week we shipped hundreds of copies around the globe. Awesome! Thank you so much for your support. We even reached Fans in Japan and are very proud that our music is flying around the world. But as I said no time to rest 🙂 Along came the CD Release Show with our friends from Alia Tempora and Black Daffodils who supported us on that nights´show. We really had a great time and enjoyed the concerts of all bands. At this point we also have to thank our dwarfs who helped us out a lot with merchandise and all sorts of stuff.

After the release and the last show for this year (so far…) we are working on promotion, marketing and we´re planing the steps for next year. The promotion for “Once upon a time” is rollin`and so here are a few reviews that hit us until now:

Dirk Busse Musik Review

Burn your Ears Webzine Review

Ravenheart Music Review

Last Sunday we were invited for a Xiphea Special on RSD Radio with Dirk Busse. Two hours interview with metal music can be exhausting but it was a great evening. We had lots of fun and really hit it off with Dirk. Great show… Meanwhile other stations like Metal-FM.com are also playing songs of Xiphea. Thank you Kalle. Hopefully more reviews will be online soon. We let you know as soon as possible. So the last weeks were kind of stressful but very pleasing as well.

By the way, you haven´t got a copy of the new Xiphea album “Once upon a time”? No problem 🙂 just go to Xiphea´s webstore and order it right now…

Xiphea Webstore

You also can purchase it on Amazon –> Go here

For all the MP3 and Download Fans, the album also is available on the well known MP3 Stores like AmazonMP3, iTunes, 7Digital, Spotify, Deezer and so on. Just take a look and search for Xiphea. I´m sure you will find it. So far at the moment that is everything to say… Better go back to work and write some new songs for a new album *HAHA*


Thanks for a great CD release party and thank you very much helper dwarfs 🙂

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