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From the uncharted island Download Edition – The first full length album “Form the uncharted island” by Xiphea. The CD contains ten great songs full of hard guitar parts, fantastic orchestration and some great melodies. Sabines` beautiful voice is the topping of a powerful production when it comes to symphonic metal.
Everybody can find something on this record… a powerful Punk-Metal song like “The Curse” or some more symphonic classics like “Monument”. For some quiet times there´s the ballad “Butterflies”. Of course some Hits like “Kissed by the moon” and “Beauty and the King” aren´t missing. So everyone can find a piece of wonderful music on this record.
Xiphea has spared no exspence and combined a local choir to their music. Out came a marvelous song “With flames inside”. Xiphea took the time they needed to produce this great bit of music.
On board for mixing and mastering was the great engineer “Olaf Reitmeier” from the well known “Gatestudio Wolfsburg”.


1. Kissed by the moon
2. The Curse
3. Monument
4. Crossroads of dreams
5. Beauty and the king
6. Butterflies
7. Star-crossed lover
8. From the uncharted island
9. With flames inside
10. Sweet the tale

Download From the uncharted island Download Edition inclusive digital booklet.
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