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hendrik´s heavy stunde

Xiphea on Hendrik’s Heavy Stunde laut.fm/ostmetal

Tonight Xiphea will be on Hendrik´s Heavy Stunde on lauf.fm/ostmetal. Hendrik made an interview with Xiphea´s singer Sabine. Thanks for having us on your show… Now everbody check out the show on laut.fm/ostemetal tonight at 21:00 german time. The replays will be on Monday 10 April at 09:00 german time and on Tuesday at 17:00. …

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orkus magazin xiphea interview

Orkus magazin Xiphea interview

Orkus magazin Xiphea interview – In the March and April 2017 issue of Orkus magazin you can find a nice interview with our beloved Sabine and Rene Wallner from Orkus magazin. Also in this issue there is a small CD Review by Rene Wallner. Thank you for that and your kind words. Sabine really enjoyed …

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metal1.info review

Interview with metal1.info

Xiphea interview with metal1.info Here you can read the complete interview with Xiphea and Pascal from metal1.info. If you have any trouble to understand the german interview, feel free to use a translator… We tried it and it´s not the best but it works a little bit. Maybe when we find some time we will …

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metal1.info review

New review by metal1.info

Another wonderful german review reached us. Thank you very much Pascal from metal1.info for the great review you made. We are really happy about your kind words and hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.  Here a short part from the review Pascal from metal1.info Bekannt ist die Welt der Erzählungen und Märchen wohl …

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Review by music-newsletter.de

Here is another nice review we found to our new album “Once upon a time”. FAZIT: XIPHEA sind das beste Beispiel dafür, dass ausgelutschte Märchengeschichten nicht langweilig sein müssen und dem zweiten guten Studio Album „One Upon A Time“ werden sicherlich noch ein paar Alben folgen, weil die Welt voll ist mit unzähligen “Fairytales”, die …

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spirit review

Review Spirit of Metal

Hey Metalheadz, another review arrived us. This time a french review by Ericb4 released on Spirit of Metal. Feel free to sign up at www.spirit-of-metal.com and rate our new album. We hope you enjoy and understand the review. If not, google translator will help :-). Thank you Ericb4 for your review. Here you find the complete …

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