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Witchcraft Day

Hello dear friends and dwarfs, today is Xiphea´s Witchcraft day. After a fantastic night where we presented our new songs live we are now ready to send “Witchcraft” out into the world. The new Xiphea album “Witchcraft” is official released. Hey-ho!!! Twelve new metal fairytales about magic spells, wizards and witches will drag you into […]

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Release Show on 29 October

We are very happy that our fourth upcoming album is ready to take off. So we thought it might be nice to celebrate with you. 🙂 We haven´t seen you for a while cause of Covid-19 pandemic. But now Xiphea is back and ready to hit the stage. We invite you all to celebrate with

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Fairymetal Night 2

Fairymetal Night 2 coming up… Hello dear friends, we are very happy to announce the second “Fairymetal Night” in Nuremberg! Look forward to a great night with fantastic bands, a lot of heavy music and Xiphea´s new album. This time Xiphea will share the stage with Hydra Official, Conspiria and Morlas Memoria. 1 night, 4 beautiful voices and a lot of

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Happy Birthday Once upon a time

  Happy Birthday Once upon a time Time flys by… Xiphea´s latest album “Once upon a time” is now available for one year. We celebrate this milestone with a glass of champagne. Like we say in Germany “Prost du alter Sack!” 🙂 And because of this great day we have a special for you aswell

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orkus magazin xiphea interview

Orkus magazin Xiphea interview

Orkus magazin Xiphea interview – In the March and April 2017 issue of Orkus magazin you can find a nice interview with our beloved Sabine and Rene Wallner from Orkus magazin. Also in this issue there is a small CD Review by Rene Wallner. Thank you for that and your kind words. Sabine really enjoyed

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Review by

Here is another nice review we found to our new album “Once upon a time”. FAZIT: XIPHEA sind das beste Beispiel dafür, dass ausgelutschte Märchengeschichten nicht langweilig sein müssen und dem zweiten guten Studio Album „One Upon A Time“ werden sicherlich noch ein paar Alben folgen, weil die Welt voll ist mit unzähligen “Fairytales”, die

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