What is coming up

At the moment we have a few things we are working on. Besides the marketing and promotion for the new album “Once upon a time” we also are rehearsing with a few guys to fill up the slot for René. And may be the Xiphea family will even get bigger and a new face and a new instrument will join the band. Stay tuned for more information about that. We will let you know when everything is settled. Meanwhile Sabine and Neil are also working on new material for may be some future releases. There are still some fairytales left to be told. When all bandmembers are back in place there surly will be shows in the future. At this time we are planning the upcoming shows in Germany and if the budget allows we might hit the road to Austria and Switzerland and if possible to Czech Republic. But for now we cannot be sure to do so. So please be patient… We will publish new shows as soon they are fixed.

What else is planned in the future?

Well, besides of the stuff above nothing is fixed yet but Xiphea is planning on making a new music video in 2017. New bandpics when the band found a replacement for Ex Bass Player René. We trying to get in on some festivals for summer 2017. Actually we´ve been doing that since last year´s summer. But nevermind… So there will be plenty of new things coming up this year. Let´s keep it rollin´and rock on.

Love from Xiphea

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