Fairymetal Night introducing Hydra

For the upcoming Fairymetal Night at the Cult Club Nuremberg we want to introduce the bands who will be playing on that night. We think, we don´t need to introduce ourselves because actually everbody on this site should know us, well but who knows… But we start with a German Symphonic Metal band from Regensburg.


Hydra was formed 2013 as a multi-faceted as its many headed namesake symphonic metal formation. The first ten songs, which primarily fall into the category of melodic metal, took shape within a matter of months.

The songs on the debut ‘Malachite Skies’ are characterised by deliberate contrasts: raw metal meets soft, orchestral arrangements evocative of fairy tales and enchanting melodies. In contrast to the majority of bands in the genre the focus is not a classically trained voice.

In the end of 2016 HYDRA is about to release their second full length album ‘Solar Empire’. Compared to the debut CD ‘Solar Empire’ could be described as heavier, faster and more symphonic. All in all, you can clearly hear the development of the band in the last three years.

‘Solar Empire’ is the band’s first concept album. The 11 songs tell a story about a loving couple. The female protagonist ‘Lanya’ is living in a world called ‘Lunar’, while the male protagonist ‘Am’ran’ is an inhabitant on ‘Solys’. They fell in love already when meeting for the first time. Aware of the fact, that their love is not tolerated, they had no other choice but to follow their hearts. ‘Solar Empire’ tells the story of a forbidden relationship, of clashes, supression and sorrow. The story, which is called ‘Solar Empire – Scent of the Wolves’ (and ‘Sonnenkönigreich – Die Fährte der Wölfin’ in german) is available in form of a 30-page booklet. You can order the ‘Special Edition’ of ‘Solar Empire’, which contains the Digipack CD as well as the booklet with the concept story (in german or english language).

We are very happy to have Hydra on the Fairymetal Night on 23rd June 2017.

More details about the event you can find here:




Also check out Hydra`s website:


Watch the new Video by Hydra “Between Two Worlds”

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