New Xiphea album Witchcraft coming soon

New Xiphea album Witchcraft coming soon

Hey-Ho dear dwarfs,

this is a wonderful moment for us… Our fourth magical journey is finished. Xiphea´s new baby “Witchcraft” is ready to go out into the world. We worked hard to create a piece of music that will bring you the typical Xiphea sound but also a lot of surprises. We are really happy with the result, very proud and excited. Witchcraft will show you the world of magic. It will teach you some curses and tell you the stories of famous witches, wizards and legends. Again we invited some great guests to support us and celebrate a ten years history of music.



4 thoughts on “New Xiphea album Witchcraft coming soon”

  1. Michael Pokora "Mipo"

    Das Cover sieht schon mal geil aus, und auch die Hörproben aus den Podcasts lassen ja sehr Gutes erahnen. Ich bin jedenfalls sehr gespannt.

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