Podcast Märchenzeit is online

Yeah, it´s done! We started our German podcast series “Märchenzeit”. This is kind of new for us so we are really excited. The first episode “Pandemie” is now available here on our website and on the streaming platforms Spotify and Amazon Music. This is only the beginning, friends. We have a lot to talk about since the Corona Pandemie kicked in and we couldn´t go on tour or play some shows for you. Big fat sorry to all the none German speakers who might be interested in our podcast stories. Maybe there will be an episode in English but for now we go the easy way as German native speakers… Even that is hard :-). We will let you know when there will be an episode in English or maybe in Latin 🙂  – Stay tuned

Have fun listening – Cheers

Go here to listen to the new podcast –> https://www.xiphea.com/maerchenzeit/

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