Once upon a time Tour with Saint Astray Day #1

Got our things together, everything is packed and off we are. Huuuraaay!! We left our hometown to hit the road to Siegen… our first stop on our small tour with Saint Astray. Thanks by the way to the guys and girls of SA for taking some stuff of ours in their truck… Big thumb up. Here are some impressions of Xiphea, packing, saying the cat Goodybe for a few days and more :-)u00a0

Got it all 🙂
Goodbye sweet kitty - see you soon
Hell yeah packed it all
and it fits into the cars

Siegen – it was very nice… the club was small but the people were friendly and after we had all the stuff on the stage or should I say the bar-stage 🙂 everything went well. Thanks to everyone who joined our little stay at Musikclub Meyer.u00a0

After a short night we are now heading for Hamburg. Rock on 🙂

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