Xiphea Symphonic Metal Band

Fairymetal Night

Reminder CD Release Show Nuremberg MUZ Club

Don┬┤t forget Xiphea┬┤s release show party on 6 October at MUZ Club Nuremberg. Tickets are still available. It will be a blast with great bands lining up. Join our little party with music by Xiphea, Hydra, Conspiria and Morlas Memoria. Four great female lead vocalists anda bunch of heavy guitars and riffs. You all are …

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Review of Fairymetal Night

It was an amazing night… We had so much fun, even if it was a lot of work and it was very hot :-). For us the first Fairymetal Night was a success and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening as we did. It all started a bit chaotic, we had a few technical issues …

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Fairymetal Night coming up

Only a few days until the big party at the Cult Club starts… We are so excited so meet the other great bands and hopefully we all have a special night to remember. In case you didn┬┤t get the information, the Fairymetal Night in Nuremberg was bumped up to 4 bands. Not 3, not 2, …

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Fairymetal Night introducing Snow White Blood

And here another Fairytale Metal Band from Germany. Snow White Blood Snow White Blood combine the variety of sounds in symphonic metal with the world of fairytales from a far off time. Their impressing compositions take the listener on a musical journey through the world of fables, stories and fairytales. On stage, the four musicians …

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Fairymetal Night introducing Blackbriar

Another great band will be performing a show on the Fairymetal Night Nuremberg. Coming a long way from the Netherlands… Blackbriar Blackbriar is a five-piece alternative metal band with a special twist in the form of a mysterious singer, capable of opening the gates of both heaven and hell with her voice! A powerful drummer, …

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Fairymetal Night introducing Hydra

For the upcoming Fairymetal Night at the Cult Club Nuremberg we want to introduce the bands who will be playing on that night. We think, we don┬┤t need to introduce ourselves because actually everbody on this site should know us, well but who knows… But we start with a German Symphonic Metal band from Regensburg. …

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