CD Release of “Once upon a time”

Today we proudly announce the date for Xipheas` release party of the upcoming album “Once upon a time”. Grap your phone and type in your calendar:

Female Metal Night on 29th of October 2016

Three great bands will be on stage that evening and of course you will get the chance to save your self one of the first copies of Xipheas` brand new album. Everybody who loves the sound of hard guitar riffs combined to beautiful female voices shouldn´t miss this event.

On stage you will see great bands such as the german symphonic rock/metal band “Black Daffodils”. They will perform songs of their current album“Into the sun” and will heat up the hall in minutes. Also you will have the chance to see a fantastic show of our czech friends “Alia Tempora”. They will also join us for the big release party and you will hear songs like “Mockingjay” from their current album “Digital cube”. Of course you will hear songs of Xipheas`upcoming album aswell. This night will be a night to remember.
Everyone is invited to join the female metal night. Get the party started…

Three female fronted bands – three beautiful ladies – ONE big party !

For futher information check out the links here:

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