Once upon a time Tour with Saint Astray Day #3

Day 3 Magdeburg… This was a blast. We had some much fun and the people were great. The journey took us to the Heavy Metal Club “Damned Souls”. Great location with very friendly and helpful people. We had a great show and a fun night. The first band  from Magdeburg “Excuse for reality” started off the event and did a pretty good job. The singer was a little attached to Ville Valo from Him but so what. The show was great. After their small 30 minutes set Xiphea entered the stage and did the job as known… 🙂 After a blast show Saint Astray finished the crowd off. Great night, met a lot of nice new people and we all had fun.

Damned Souls Xiphea
Damned Souls Xiphea Magdeburg
Xiphea live Magdeburg

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