Xiphea tour

Tour with Saint Astray

Xiphea live Regensburg

5 years on stage & once upon a time tour

We had so much fun... what else can we say. The tour with Saint Astray was a total success and amazing for all of us. We met great people, great other bands and saw a few towns we have never been to. Well, ok we didn´t see much, a little bit of Hamburgs´ Reeperbahn and the mall of Regensburg and Andi of Sint Astray saw a few Media Markt stores on the way but we all had a great time.

Thanks to everyone who joined the tour, helped us out and came for some good music. Thanks to all other supporting bands Mentally Sane, Excuse for reality, Travesty and So many fears. You guys rock!Special thanks to our two girls who joined our trip and took care of actually everything. Carrying, driving, doing merchstuff and so on. You are great!

Saint Astray – Big hug and thanks for taking us with you on the road. We hope you enjoyed it like we did.

And last but not least – Thank you to our friends from Hydra fro supporting us on the last show at Regensburg.

We love you all…
Pictures will follow in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on… Just follow us 🙂

Thank you Saint Astray for this short version of Hansel & Gretel 🙂 loved it…

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