Xiphea´s year 2016

Dear Xiphea friends.

Now this year comes to an end. And we want to share a few thoughts with you by looking back:
What a year it was!
2016 was full of exciting Xiphea moments. The most important one… of course the release of our album “Once upon a time”.
The production was a really tough journey but also very magical. Today we are so proud of our baby. And we are so touched by the reactions we recieved.

Another highlight was the release gig in Nuremberg. We had so much fun that night together with Alia Tempora and Black Daffodils. It was a wonderful atmosphere. Thanks to all, who made this “female metal night” so special!!!
We are also proud of the lyrics video to “Cinderella” and our clip: the dance to the “Star talers”. Thanks go to all, who watch, like or share our videos… this is very supportive.

Yes, there were sad moments, too. As you know we had to say goodbye to our friend and former member Renè. We still miss him and wish him and his family all the best.
But we are happy and very motivated because Xiphea is complete again. So stay tuned, we will introduce the new formation in 2017 „smile“-Emoticon:-)

2016 means a lot of great new friendships to us. We appreciate each and everyone by heart.

For 2017 we wish all our friends, fans, supporters and Xiphies health, heavy music and happiness. „wink“-Emoticon;)
We are just a band. Music is precious to us.
But there are many people who have lost the sound of their hearts. Most people in this world don`t even get the chance to take a guitar and play or fall in love with the piano keys… just to enter a world of fairytales.
We are so privileged and shoul`d never forget this.
Let`s try to share the fairytale
Lot`s of love


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